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Kathryn Hapke
Mother of Sage, Kian & the WrapSack
Passion: yoga.

The small alleyways were crowded with shops filled with brightly colored fabrics and the aroma of sandlewood. The memories of wandering these narrow passages flooded my mind and took me far away from where I was. I enjoyed these travels, explored their possibilities, creative energy began to pulse …

Suddenly I was pelted back into reality with a wad of gift wrap. I scanned the room of frenzied children, shredded paper and plastic packaging and thought, “there must be a better way to wrap a gift”.

I grew up in LA, was actually born there. Pretty packaging was innate, thinking about how I affected the environment was not. Figuring out how to combine the two was the challenge. WrapSacks was the answer.

Michael Miner
Inventor of Track-a-Sack

On the tramp at home with Kian
Loves to run & climb mountains.

Michael was skeptical at first–after all, why hadn’t anyone else done this? It didn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out how to turn fabric into gift wrap. It was too obvious.”

Born in Ecuador of a German Mom and American Dad who met in Turkey, he was always curious about the connections between the diverse people of our planet–a curiosity he once tried to satisfy by bouncing around Europe for 8 years.

Naturally, he wondered how his WrapSacks would bounce around? “Surely a gift bag could connect us all,” he thought. If only its journey could be followed”….

And that was the birth of Track-a-Sack, grounded in the theorem that we are all connected by 6 degrees of separation.

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